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This is a bot made for Politecnico di Milano students like me. It can help retrieve useful information about our university and courses. It's a work in progress, I am adding features and resources to enhance the experience. You can view the code for this bot here. Feel free to add your code through a pull request!

Bot commands


The bot's prefix is ?. It currently cannot be changed, but I will be adding that feature in the future.


Syntax: $help

Type $help to see a list of commands and quick syntax to deploy them.

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Syntax: $about

Type $about to receive information about the bot itself, like its GitHub repo.

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Syntax: $res list/[number]

This command takes one of two parameters: a number, or the string list. When $res list is invoked, a list of all the resources the bot knows will be listed through an embed. You can retrieve any of those by typing $res [number] (without brackets).

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Syntax: $webex [prof/subj] [name]

This command takes two parameters: the type parameter, which can have the values prof or subj, and the name parameter, in this order. When $webex prof [name] is invoked, a list of teachers with their respective Webex Meet link will appear based on the name given. Otherwise, if $webex subj [name] is invoked, the bot will search the same list of teachers by subject name.

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Syntax: $reload

This command is a hot reload command. It can be invoked to refresh the resource files, in case they were recently modified, without needing to restart the bot.

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