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About me

I am a Computer Engineering student at Politecnico di Milano. I am a drummer and I enjoy making my own projects in my free time. I am trying to learn as much as I can, so that I can be as proficient as I can with code.

My works

  • PoliResourceBot: a Discord bot made with Python and the library to retrieve various information about my university. You can view its documentation here.
  • Spongebot Squarepants: a Discord bot made with Python and the library to convert a string to spongetext.
  • Inflation Calculator: a Python script that uses pandas to create a DataFrame from a .csv file containing inflation information and converts the Italian Lira to Euro and viceversa.
  • Collatz Conjecture Plot Visualiser: a Python script that creates a plot starting from a natural number greater than 0 and applies the rules described in the Collatz conjecture to it.
  • SpongeText: a website to convert a string to spongetext. Made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • This portfolio: you can find all the code that went into this website by clicking the link here. It's mostly HTML and CSS, with a little JavaScript for the sidebar, and it's hosted through IONOS Deploy Now.
  • Turing Machine Simulator: this is a small C program I wrote to check the correctness of an exercise. It simulates a 4-tape Turing Machine. Click on the link for more detalis.
  • SpongeText (C Version): this is a remake of SpongeText that features a multiplatform copy to clipboard function, achieved through macros (thanks to my friend Lauch for the tip!)
  • Green Pass Shortcut: an iOS shortcut to help Italian citizens retrieve and show their COVID Green Certificate more conveniently to authorities.


  • Politecnico di Milano - 2020/2023: BSc Computer Engineering
  • I.I.S. G. Parodi - 2015/2020: Maturità Scientifica, final grade: 100/100


  • Che casino! Podcast - 2022, Ongoing: I started this podcast with my friend James for fun. We talk about anything, from internet culture and news to the differences between our own homelands. You can listen to it on any podcast platform you already use.
  • Community Lead at GDSC PoliMi - 2021/2022: I was selected as this year's lead at the Google Developer Student Club at my university and I am growing the community and organising events to give students a better view at the practical side of Computer Science.
  • Social Media Manager at GDSC PoliMi - 2020/2021: I joined GDSC this year and was selected to be the Social Media Manger. I expanded our community through new platforms like Instagram, Discord, Telegram and more. We reached 1200+ members last year and our community keeps on growing to this day.
  • r/LearningJapanese Discord Server - 2020, Ongoing: my mod team and I created this Discord server in order to help enthusiasts learn Japanese in a more social and friendly way. We are about to reach 1000 members now and the community is very close: we treat one another like family members.